Healthcare / Medical

In medical and healthcare field, visualizing invisible beings is important for understanding and sharing various phenomena.
On the other hand, images used at hospitals and other medical facilities are increasingly digitized and networked. With its proprietary visualization technologies gained over the years, Cybernet has developed infrastructure software with high-speed and high-definition processing power for medical images obtained from MRI / CT / PET. Cybernet also offers packaged solutions which work with above software for specific units such as dental, brain surgery, internal medicine, and respiratory disease.


Medical image processing software
Software to convert MRI, CT, and PET images into 3D. This standalone software has a capacity of quality and fast rendering without any special hardware.


Pneumonectasia measurement software
LungVision loads CT image (DICOM) of entire lung field, extracts the pneumonectasia area in 3D with one click, and calculates LAA%. The three-dimensional measurement lets the computation of LAA% possible, because LAA% is a ratio depending on LAV, which is infrequent respiration area (note that this is a cubic volume) within the entire lung field.


Visceral fat measurement software
Software developed for early detection of metabolic syndrome. You can measure the area of visceral fat based on CT image with one click.