Engineering service

Cybernet offers effective services for software use of installation support, technical support, and entrusted analysis. In a broad sense, our services, that include consulting and CAE University where we train human resource with a series of educational seminars, support the technology itself.

Ansys-related (Structure, thermal fluid, and electromagnetic field analysis)

Based on the knowledge and experiences gained by providing technical support and consulting for automotive, aerospace, electrical and electronic, machine manufacturing, civil engineering, and medical engineering industries over the years, Cybernet now delivers a solution which fundamentally solves the problems which may occur during design and manufacturing process.

Ansys-related (Structure, thermal fluid, and electromagnetic field analysis)

MATLAB/Simulink-Related (Model-Based Development)

Having rich experiences in selling MATLAB and providing supports for it, Cybernet is able to offer different services in not only control system design or model-based development, but also optimization, system integration, code generation support, and consultation. The solution is provided by our technical personnel who are highly skilled in both software and product design of Japanese tradition.

 MATLAB/Simulink-Related (Model-Based Development) engineering service

Optical design / lighting analysis related

Utilizing 20 years or more experiences in lens design and lighting analysis, Cybernet provides you with entrusted analysis and technical advice by highly skilled engineers. This service uses "Lighting Design Analysis Software LightTools" and "Optical Design Evaluation Program CODE V". Thus, you can also use this to evaluate the products before you buy them. Not only you can check the quality of analytical results, but also you can lean advanced uses of the tools as well as some analytical know-hows.

PCB design / simulation

The technologies in PCB development are evolving rapidly, becoming more flexible and applicable, and taking up the larger challenges. On the other hand, dealing with the potential problems of higher diversity requires more and more time and efforts.
A variety of sophisticated technologies including the simulation technique for "PCB that works" which starts once analytical results are gained, patterned wiring techniques which skillfully express high-end circuit channel, as well as the part placing method, guarantees PCBs of quality design.
Engineering service for PDB design simulation greatly helps your PCB design team to create a quality PCB.


For Optimus-supporting applications like structure, thermal, fluid, electromagnetic, acoustic, machinery, cross-over, control, optics, and electronics, the following services are available.

  • Optimized computation on CAE model (single-purpose / multi-purpose)
  • Computation of commitment of design parameters
  • Understanding solution space / creation of response surface model
  • Identifying experimental data and CAE model

Process integration

Developing increasingly more multi-functional and sophisticated products requires complex design involving several analytical fields. Cybernet recommends optimizing the design and unifying design process by combining several different simulation software. Optimus is key component for this solution.

  • Proposal regarding effective use of CAD / CAE
  • Arrangement for flexible customization feature
  • standardized result evaluation using internally unified tool

Tolerance Analysis

This service provides anyone struggling with cross-over analysis problem, which is a major challenge in 3D CAD-based product design, with comprehensive consulting from optimized design from a view point of cross-over management to actual installation.

  • Entrusted analysis
  • Drafting original manual
  • Customized training
  • Consulting service
  • Proposal of recommended flow from installation to practical operation.


Feel free to consult with Cybernet about customization and OEM of visualization products or adding visualization feature to your system & software. We propose, design, and develop services that satisfy your requirements.

Applicable fields

  • Medical
  • Structure
  • Electromagnetic
  • Fluid
  • Civil engineering / Environment
  • Chemistry / Molecular