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For a film camera, the lens is a major factor in determining image quality. For a digital camera, however, a well-balanced design is required as the image quality depends on several factors in addition to the lens, such as the image sensor, the image engine (imaging algorithm) that constitutes an image and the image processing. Combining lens design with digital processing, this case presents a complete image reproduction solution that covers the lens, image sensor and the image engine.

I want to use a simulation to examine motor output characteristics, such as output torque and rotational speed.
I want to perform a motor drive simulation that takes into account the shape and property of motors.
I want to use a simple simulation model that can be used for control design.


Simulation model

Below is an overview of the simulation. The optical system consists of two phases. The main lens system forms an image, and the microlens system focuses the light on the image sensor. CODE V is used for the simulation. The point spread function (PSF), which forms the light intensity distribution on the image sensor, is calculated for each RGB. On MATLAB, the bayer pattern in the color filter is randomly selected and the digital signal processing is implemented in the image engine to reproduce the image.

Simulation conditions

Lens 100mm telephoto lens
Image sensor specifications Size: 35mm full size (36 x 24)
Elements: 4,500 x 3,000 = 13,500,000
Evaluation area 450 x 300 (Randomly selected from 4,500 x 3,000)
Light blocking film
(for evaluation of vignetting)
Freely adjustable

Simulation result

Advantages of the solution

  • You can determine the parameters of the image sensor, and develop the algorithms of the image engine.
  • You can see the overall characteristics of images reproduced by digital camera system. (Photoresponse analysis)
  • The number of calculations on CODE V will be reduced to between 1/100 and 1/2000.

Required Products

Optical design evaluation program CODE V

Digital signal processing tool MATLAB/Signal Processing Toolbox
Image processing tool MATLAB/Image Processing Toolbox

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