Combination of finite element method and system simulation tool Motor Drive Simulation Using a Parameter Extraction Model

Do you have issues like these?

I want to use a simulation to examine motor output characteristics, such as output torque and rotational speed.
I want to perform a motor drive simulation that takes into account the shape and property of motors.
I want to use a simple simulation model that can be used for control design.


There has been a long-standing need in industry to simplify and reduce the size and weight of motors. This demand will only grow further in the future. Also, motors are now used in a wide range of areas, including high-tech fields, thanks to advances in power electronics technologies.
As a result, simulation-based design will become increasingly important.
Combining Ansys Maxwell, a finite element electromagnetic field analysis tool, and MapleSim, a multi-domain system tool, enables you to obtain data about the output torque and rotational speed of motors through a simulation in a quick and precise manner.

*1: The table for inductance and torque is transformed using a tool such as Excel.

Example of Analysis Using the Solution

Test benchmark (MapleSim model)

Analysis conditions

Rotate a motor applying three-phase AC voltage.

Simulation time: 1 second
Voltage (RMS): 300 v, Drive frequency: 10 Hz
Load torque : 0

The magnetic flux alternates 10 times per second as the drive frequency is 10 Hz. The motor rotor rotates 5 times per second at the steady state as the motor has two pole pairs. The rotational speed at the steady state is 5 x 2Π (rad/sec) = 31.4 (rad/sec). Rotational speed: 300 (rpm)

Analysis results

Advantages of the solution

  • You can examine motor output characteristics, such as output torque and rotational speed, using a simulation.
  • You can perform a highly accurate motor drive simulation that reflects the results of finite element magnetic field analysis.
  • You can use this method for control system design.

Required Products

Electromagnetic field simulation software Ansys Maxwell 2D or Ansys Maxwell 3D QS (*2)

Multi-domain physical modeling and simulation tool MapleSim

*2: Ansys Maxwell 3D QS is required for three-dimensional magnetic field analysis.


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