Examples of Solutions

Real-time optimum control design using Maple Non-Linear Model Predictive Control Design

While deriving the optimal solution and performing feedback control in real-time is regarded as difficult to do realistically, using a high-speed solution known as the “C/GMRES methodEwhich combines the continuous deformation method with the GMRES, real-time control has become possible.

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Keywords Non-linear, Model Predictive Control, C/GMRES Method, Real-Time Control

Combination of finite element method and system simulation tool Motor Drive Simulation Using a Parameter Extraction Model

A growing demand for simplifying and reducing the size and weight of motors will make the simulation-based design increasingly important. This case provides a solution to obtain data about output torque and rotational speed of motors through a simulation in a quick and precise manner.

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Keywords Model Reduction, Motor, Magnetic Field Analysis, Control Design

Lens / Image Sensor / Image Engine / Image Processing Digital Image Reproduction

For a digital camera, a well-balanced design is required as the image quality depends on several factors such as the lens, image sensor, image engine (imaging algorithm), and image processing. Combining lens design with digital processing, this case presents a total image reproduction solution.

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Keywords Lens, Image Sensor, Imaging Algorithm, Image Processing

Evolutionary algorithm Optimization with Differential Evolution

One of the optimization problems is that when input variables are discrete, it is more difficult to find the optimum solution compared to continuous values. In this case, optimization problems related to discrete values are dealt with using Differential Evolution, an evolutionary algorithm that is recently drawing attention.

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Keywords Magnetic Head, Switching Power Supply, Differential Evolution

Reduce designersEworkload with Optimization Solution Defining a Device Model as Variables

Optimized design support tool Optimus, which deals with discrete variables, enables you to do automatic repetitive analysis using string variables such as element names. Also, you can find a combination of elements and circuit blocks that minimizes noise and cost while meeting the specifications. This case provides a solution to reduce designers' workload and improve product quality.

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Keywords Optimization, Worst Case, Converter

Global optimization of discrete variables Shape Optimization of Hard Disk Drive Head Support Arm

A hard disk drive (HDD) writes, retains and reads data in very high density. Its precise operation is supported by its own components, including a magnetic head. This case example illustrates shape optimization of a support arm that prevents radial oscillation by putting the head tip on the node of oscillation.

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Keywords Eigenvalue Analysis, Discrete Variable, Optimization, Response Surface Model


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