Achieving Multi-domain Solutions

CYBERNET SYSTEMS proposes and undertakes system development for Multi-Domain Solutions (composite or integrated solutions which span various domains) to help its customers solve problems.

Individual Domain Problem-solving

Dedicated simulation software is used to analyze individual domains such as mechanical, electrical and flow domains.

Compared to when development was carried out on an experimental basis, we have made progress in reducing both time and cost with the use of computer-aided engineering (CAE). Recently, with the advance of digitization and information technology, not only physical phenomena but a fusion with control and networks is desired.

Composite Domain Problem-solving

Due to advances in simulation software and computing power, 3D-3D linking (coupled analysis: multiphysics) is now possible, and analyses can be performed by taking into account the respective interactions of multiple physical phenomena.

While it is now possible to engage in 3D-3D linking (coupled analysis: multiphysics) and perform analyses which take into account multiple physical phenomena, a dilemma of increasingly complex and time-consuming analysis models has also emerged. For this reason, the situations in which such analyses are available have been restricted.

A New Approach to Composite Domains

As a new approach to composite domains, CYBERNET SYSTEMS has worked on the realization of multi-domain solutions able to obtain analysis results which are useful for design and development within a short time.

Examples of solutions


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