IT Management

Cybernet offers IT management as the foundation for improving security levels within a business, including IT asset management solutions to efficiently manage company IT assets and maintain appropriate management systems.

Asset Management

PC & Mobile Management Services
Cybernet offers cloud-based functions to appropriately manage and operate the client PCs and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets a company is tasked with managing, in accordance with its security policies.


Asset Management and License Management

QND Advance/Standard
QND Advance/Standard is an IT asset management solution for efficiently managing the large number of devices in a company such as PCs, printers and network equipment and maintaining appropriate management systems. With QAW, a license management feature is included as standard, allowing accurate license asset management (SAM) tailored to the types of software licenses and the customerís purchase status.


IT Lifecycle Management

Altiris Endpoint Management Solution
Altiris Endpoint Management Solution is a comprehensive endpoint management solution that takes increasingly complex IT management, typified by ever-increasing server and client counts and the use of various software, and approaches management over the entire IT lifecycle instead of through the use of point tools.