IT Infrastructure

To efficiently protect the ballooning volume of data businesses generate each day, including the servers used as enterprise IT infrastructure, Cybernet serves as a backup tailored to businessesĀEdiverse needs, including support for real-time services and virtual environments.

Mail server

IMail Server
IMail Server, which was released in Japan in 1997, has been adopted by many businesses and educational institutions as a Windows-based mail server. IMail Server comes with a web mail feature often used during business travel or at schools as standard, and although it is a mail server, it also includes a world-class antivirus and anti-spam engine.


Email Security

Symantec Message Filter powered by Brightmail
Symantec Messaging Gateway powered by Brightmail (formerly Symantec Brightmail Gateway) is an integrated message security solution equipped with anti-spam and antivirus engines positioned at the forefront of the industry.


Symantec.cloud is a cloud-based security service that stops email and web-based security threats such as spam and computer viruses. The service has been adopted by some eleven million users in 35,000 companies around the world.


Virus Scan Engine

Symantec Scan Engine
Symantec Scan Engine is a server and programing interface which allows the core antivirus engine component of Symantecís antivirus products to be incorporated into any application. The Symantec Scan Engine includes antivirus technologies at the forefront of the industry and has been adopted by hundreds of internet service providers (ISPs) around the world.


Web Security

Symantec Web Gateway
Symantec Web Gateway doesnít just employ simple URL filtering; it blocks a range of web-based threats and provides comprehensive web security measures including the detection of computers infected with bots. Measures against the recent social issue of targeted attacks are also supported.



Symantec backup solution
Symantecís backup solutions offer products tailored to purpose, application and scope of usage, such as data protection and system protection. Among them, Backup Exec, which enjoys a world-leading share in Windows data backup products, is able to reduce both storage costs and network load through deduplication.


PC X Server and Terminal Emulator

Reflection Series
As a host access solution used to provide safe and reliable access to the data a company keeps on various hosts such as UNIX/Linux, IBM System i and System z, Open VMS and HP3000, the Reflection Series provides support for everything from legacy data access to mission critical businesses.