Product design Innovation

Evolving the application of CAD/CAE/PLM solution, Cybernet offers cutting-edge product design process which leads to innovation realization.Cybernet offers design optimization support based on quality engineering, Tolerance Analysis solution which supports Design for Six Sigma, and effective method which generates innovative ideas for product and technology continually.

Innovation Support

Invention Machine Goldfire
Invention Machine Goldfire is a unique solution which can turn an idea into marketable product / technology and provide an environment where the innovation is persistent and sustainable. By organically combining problem solving method with a rich track records and accurate information retrieval technology, it can study / reference the technical knowledge accumulated within the company and diverse knowledge existing outside of it to handle the following tasks.


Taguchi Method

A tool for automation, integration, and optimization for CAE-based design process. This can integrate a variety of solvers like structure, fluid, mechanism, control, electric circuit, and optical and optimize the multi-domain so that the restrictions on each region are all satisfied.


Six Sigma

CETOL6σ is a tolerance analysis management tool for 3D CAD system which improve the accuracy of tolerance calculation. Certain tolerance has been depending on shaky ground such as past drawings, manually calculated worst value, hunches, and experiences. The tool let non-experts to suggest the "most appropriate tolerance" so that risk of bad assembly and excessive quality during high-volume production can be avoided, leading to steady quality and low-cost production.