Product List for Optical Engineers

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Optical design evaluation program
Quality evaluation program for optical devices needed for optical communication, optical pick-up, camera, and aerospace systems. This provides comprehensive support for your optical engineering including design, evaluation, and manufacturing. CODE V has been taken as industrial standard as it can satisfy a wide range of needs of both optical design beginner and experienced engineers with a rich array of analysis/evaluation options as well as easy-to-use Windows like UI.



Dynamic Crosstalk Monitor for 3D
One of major technical problems about 3D display is so-called crosstalk, which is temporal mixture of information (images) which should be transferred to right and left eyes separately.
DXM43D measures and evaluates this crosstalk as well as the image's brightness.

FPiS (Flat Panel Display Inspection System)

Advanced inspection system for high resolution FPD
FPiS enables detection of defects in high-definition FPDs, which are often overlooked in visual judgment. This system doesn't require any motion stages. Quantitative-measured results unaffected by individual variation of examiners can be obtained.

KBiS (Key Board Inspection System)

Measurement system of illuminated keyboard and panel
KBiS is measurement system of illuminated keyboard and panel. Accurate and fast measurement result unaffected by human inspector of KBiS contribute to the improvement of product quality and reduction of inspection cost.


Analytical software for lighting design
Full-scale analytical software for lighting design with 3D CAD feature. The software can output results of tracing light beams and provide high-quality modeling through easy-to-use interface, conducting design, analysis, and evaluation all alike. Various fields like light guide panel for LCD, projector, lightings inside / outside of vehicle, and light pipe might find this useful.



Compact optical system for scattering
Mini-Diff is a compact optical system for scattering characterization of any kind of materials and object. It allows to get the BSDF data in a fast and easy way. The system can export the data to simulate it in your simulation software for lighting design like LightTools.

Optical Thickness Meter OPTM series

This device is capable of highly accurate analysis of film thickness and complex refractive index by measuring absolute spectral reflectance in a microscopic area using microspectroscopy.
Non-destructive and non-contact thickness measurement of multilayered films and various coating layers including films, wafers and optical materials can be carried out at a High-speed of 1 second / point.
OPTM series is equipped with a software that is easy to use even for first-time users.

RSoft Optical Communication Design Suite

Optical Communication System Simulator
Optical Communication Design Suite allows users to design and simulate current and next generation optical communication systems at the signal propagation, network architecture, and packet level.


RSoft Photonic Component Design Suite

Photonic Component Simulation Program
Photonic Component Design Suite allows users to design and simulate both passive and active photonic devices for optical communications, optoelectronics, and semiconductor manufacturing. It addresses both passive and active devices through two design suites:a Passive Device Suite and an Active Device Suite. Each suite includes a CAD environment, simulation engines, and an optimization utility.



Organic EL devices simulator
setfos is a short form of "semiconducting emissive thin film optics simulator". This software comprehensively analyzes both optical and electric models of organic EL devices. Considering current situation where no definition or logic on properties of organic EL devices' materials, the software has higher usability and uses widely accepted logic as its analytical basis. Additional analytical features which help comparative verification for device properties and experimental data make the software the best supportive tool for research concerning organic EL.