Product List for Control / Embedded System Engineers

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Formula Manipulation / Environment for formula model design
Technical computation software for design, research, and development in various engineering fields like control system design, signal processing, circuit design, and optimization where "formula model" plays an important role. Derivation of general / special solution of formula model expressed by data fitting or differential equation are made possible with simple operation. The software has been employed in enterprise research & development fields as well as for mathematical education in high-schools and universities.



Composite Region Physical Model Simulator
MapleSim is a next-generation physical modeling environment for comprehensive modeling and simulation of physical system covering one or more physical domains such as electric circuit, multi-body (mechanism), 1st dimension mechanical and heat transfer. In addition, it is seamlessly coupled with formula manipulation engine Maple with a history of over 25 years, facilitating an environment where design targets can be effectively simulated through automatic generation of formula model of control target (plant) and simplified formula model.


ZIPC-related software

CASE tool optimized for state transition table based embedded system
ZIPC is capable of creating an environment for seamless development with its practical but colourful features for modeling, debugging, code generation, as well as inspection. Its plan is on state transition table so that the plan is going to be flawless. In addition, the use of state transition table assists the environment for unified development from basic development / simulation to implementation / inspection.