Product List for Machinery / Mechatronics Engineers

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Multiphysics analysis tool
Versatile analysis tool which can be applied to structure, heat transfer, electromagnetic, piezoelectric, acoustic, thermal fluid, and drop impact. ?Its greatest advantage is a wide range of fully coupled analyses with pre-post solver unified in the environment localized for Japanese.



3D tolerance analysis management tool
CETOL 6σ is a tolerance analysis management tool for 3D CAD system which improve the accuracy of tolerance calculation. Certain tolerance has been depending on shaky ground such as past drawings, manually calculated worst value, hunches, and experiences. The tool let non-experts to suggest the "most appropriate tolerance" so that risk of bad assembly and excessive quality during high-volume production can be avoided, leading to steady quality and low-cost production.



Integration plate molding simulation system
Pre-post integration system dedicated for plate molding analysis which can generate blanks in one-step method, forecast its cost, and assists the generation of diefaces and pads.



Homogenization technique-based multi-scale CAE tool
CMAS is a multi-scale CAE tool based on homogenization technique, which was developed jointly by Cybernet systems, Nitto Boseki, and Quint Corporation with Jun Terada, an associate professor of Tohoku University, acting as project supervisor.
This is a customized version of multiphysics analysis tool Ansys, and equipped with multi-scale analysis function required for the coupling analysis on micro / macro structure such as computation of equivalent physical values by computational material testing, macro-model analysis, and localization analysis.



Injection Molding CAE system for Ansys Workbench
PlanetsX is a tool that works with the multi-physics analysis program Ansys simulation system. It works specifically with the comprehensive environmental system Ansys Workbench, making it very easy to operate for beginners of plastic injection molding simulation. PlanetsX provides consistent analysis of plastic injection molding combining warp simulations with flow history on linear structural simulations.



3D direct modeler
SpaceClaim is a 3D direct modeler which improves your concept-design environment or concurrent engineering using its intuitive operation, direct data sharing with various CAD tools, high-level compatibility with the versatile FEM coupling analysis tool Ansys.



Large-scale acoustic analysis program
An acoustic analysis program which uses FMBEM as its solver. The program provides accurate analysis for high-frequency range or large-volume problems, which traditional solutions did not use to solve. In addition, lower memory requirement leads to excellent performance.