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Ansys Designer

Electromagnetic Field / Electronic Circuit / System Integration Design Tool
Ansys Designer provides the optimum integrated design environment for high-frequency, signal integrity, power integrity and EMC design and verification. Through coordinated analysis between the high-speed, high-precision linear and transient analysis engine, harmonic balance-based non-linear circuit analysis engine and various electromagnetic field simulators such as Ansys HFSS under the Ansys Designer integrated design environment, total design including circuit, system and physical shape modeling has been made possible.


Ansys HFSS

High-frequency Three-dimensional Electromagnetic Field Simulator
Ansys HFSS is an industry-standard complete three-dimensional full-wave electromagnetic field analysis tool. All manner of electromagnetic field phenomena can be analyzed, from S-parameters to various emission characteristics as well as electrical fields, magnetic fields and electric currents. Ansys HFSS is widely accepted as a design tool because all analysis can be left to Ansys HFSS by simply defining shapes, material properties and power supply conditions. Ansys HFSS can make significant contributions in your design flow towards reducing design costs and risks and shortening time-to-release.


Ansys Icepak

Thermal fluid analysis tool for electronic devices
Ansys Icepak is a thermic fluid analysis tool for electronic devices Employing the proven fluid analysis solver Ansys FLUENT, Ansys Icepack can study various phenomena on IC package, PCB (Printed Circuit Board), or outer housing like conduction, convection, and radiation. Applicable form data includes electric/mechanic CAD data. Also, Icepack contains objects for easy modeling. This is an appropriate tool for simple analysis on electronic devices.


Ansys Q3D Extractor

Parasitic Parameter Extraction Software for Electrical Components
Ansys Q3D Extractor is a software package that extracts parasitic parameters (LCRG) based on the shapes of electrical components and generates SPICE/IBIS models. In order to simulate the signal integrity problems that emerge due to faster and further integrated electrical devices such as reflection, transmission delay, crosstalk and SSN, high-precision analysis of the parasitic parameters of complex structures, such as the packages, connectors and via holes that made up systems is required. By employing the boundary element method, Ansys Q3D Extractor is able to derive parasitic generation based on CAD-drawn shape data (3D models) and material properties to a high level of precision in a short time.


Ansys SIwave

SI, PI and EMI Simulator for Printed Circuit Boards and BGA Packages
Ansys SIwave is a software package for conducting signal and power integrity analysis for the likes of printed wiring boards and BGA packages. Due to the lower voltages and reduced power consumption, the noise margins for printed wiring boards and packages have become extremely narrow, requiring the optimum design of power supply systems. Especially in the case of memory interfaces, simultaneous switching noise is also regarded as a problematic cause of system failure. Ansys SIwave uses analysis technologies optimized for layered constructions to enable overall level analysis including complex and large-scale power supplies and grounding to be performed to a high level of precision and in a short time.


Ansys TPA

Parasitic Parameter Extraction Software for BGA Packages
Ansys TPA is a software package that quickly extracts LCRG parameters for the overall levels of BGA packages and generates SPICE/IBIS models. The analysis of BGA packages involving more than several hundred pins can take a lot of time from model creation to the completion of analysis using analysis methods that target arbitrary shapes. Ansys TPA employs various analysis technologies optimized for BGA packages to significantly shorten a modelfs overall level analysis and turnaround time (TAT) without sacrificing precision.



Drawing tool dedicated for printed board
BluePrint-PCB can automatically draft a variety of documents just by importing PCB CAD data. Supporting MS Office formats, it allows users to enter hyperlinks and detailed explanation to the drawings. The drawings can be viewed from free viewer for easy information sharing. For any specification update to PCB CAD can be reflected to the drawings just by overwriting them. Capability of importing parts information as well as graphical data like corporate logos also facilitates the instant drafting of high-quality documents.



Solution to ESL synthesis
Bluespec is an ELS synthesis solution with functions like modeling, software prototyping, simulation, implement, as well as evaluation.
It can handle control logic and complex data path in addition to algorithm. So you can use it as alternative hand code RTL for full synthesis without compromising chip area, speed, and latency. Bluespec ESL synthesis solution significantly reduce the time required for design, bug fix, verification, as well as TAT and respin.



EMI suppression design support tool
DEMITASNX (developer: NEC Information Systems) condenses its know-how of designing EMI for PCB into 13 checking items. There are integrated into the software for engineers to check EMI rules and take appropriate counter measures just by loading design data of application such as Allegro. Additionally, with a function to analyze power-supply plane resonance, it can optimize location and value of decoupling capacitor.



Tool to create/edit/evaluate electric model for simulation
IBISStation is a system for visualizing, modifying, and making IBIS model, which is indispensable for signal integrity analysis.
With an ability to specify a pair for taking LSI differential which support difference transmission like LVDS (low voltage differential signaling), it assists making and editing of IBIS (I/O Buffer Information Specification) models, which generally grow into several dozens of thousands lines.