Intelligent / Patent Information Search

Here is a list of CAE / Simulation product from Cybernet by industries.

Invention Machine Goldfire

Innovation support solution
Invention Machine Goldfire is a tool using unique semantic retrieval technology, which allows you to analyze the market and technology trends and technological business solution, and research how to avoid the competing patent. For a semantic searchable knowledge base, you can use more than 30 million patent information (JP, US, GB, FR, DE, EU and WIPO) which updates biweekly, various fields of highly-professional literatures and corporate documents, and external web site, thereby it allows you to study and analyze according to those information source.
This product is a unique solution which can turn an idea into marketable product / technology and provide an environment where the innovation is persistent and sustainable. By organically combining problem solving method with a rich track records and accurate knowledge retrieval technology, it can study / reference the knowledge accumulated within the company and diverse knowledge existing outside of it to handle the tasks for realizing a various innovation.