Production Technology (Plastic Molding / Press / Tolerance Analysis)

Here is a list of CAE / Simulation product from Cybernet by industries.


3D tolerance analysis management tool
CETOL 6σ is a tolerance analysis management tool for 3D CAD system which improve the accuracy of tolerance calculation. Certain tolerance has been depending on shaky ground such as past drawings, manually calculated worst value, hunches, and experiences. The tool let non-experts to suggest the "most appropriate tolerance" so that risk of bad assembly and excessive quality during high-volume production can be avoided, leading to steady quality and low-cost production.



Integration plate molding simulation system
Pre-post integration system dedicated for plate molding analysis which can generate blanks in one-step method, forecast its cost, and assists the generation of diefaces and pads.


Invention Machine Goldfire

Innovation support solution
Invention Machine Goldfire helps the analysis work for the development and implementation of process and product. It offers the consistently operation which is from to focus and clarity to problem, identify the challenge and stretch to plan the solution, which is produced by the combination of variety of method like process analysis and FMEA/HAZOP, research tool by semantic research technology, and support tool for idea generation based on TRIZ. It provides the product process innovation environment which keeps realizing continuously to allow you to work with company's internal document including a stored technical know-how as the knowledge.



Injection Molding CAE system for Ansys Workbench
PlanetsX is a tool that works with the multi-physics analysis program Ansys simulation system. It works specifically with the comprehensive environmental system Ansys Workbench, making it very easy to operate for beginners of plastic injection molding simulation. PlanetsX provides consistent analysis of plastic injection molding combining warp simulations with flow history on linear structural simulations.