Failure / Problem Analysis (FTA/RCA,FMEA)

Here is a list of CAE / Simulation product from Cybernet by industries.

Invention Machine Goldfire

Innovation support solution
Invention Machine Goldfire supports to analyze problem of product and process, improve performance, fix defects, and identify their challenge for a reliability improvement. Using various corporate data inside and outside of the company as a knowledge, it enables you to perform tools such as Root Cause Analysis and Effects Analysis (FMEA) effectively. Then, the contents of analysis result is stored automatically and can be re-used as a high-value knowledge.
This product is a unique solution which can turn an idea into marketable product / technology and provide an environment where the innovation is persistent and sustainable. By organically combining problem solving method with a rich track records and accurate knowledge retrieval technology, it can study / reference the knowledge accumulated within the company and diverse knowledge existing outside of it to handle the tasks for realizing a various innovation.