Circuit / RF

Here is a list of CAE / Simulation product from Cybernet by industries.


Tool to create/edit/evaluate electric model for simulation
IBISStation is a system for visualizing, modifying, and making IBIS model, which is indispensable for signal integrity analysis.
With an ability to specify a pair for taking LSI differential which support difference transmission like LVDS (low voltage differential signaling), it assists making and editing of IBIS (I/O Buffer Information Specification) models, which generally grow into several dozens of thousands lines.


Information management system for electronic design
Using M-SeeC II, engineers who design electric / electronic circuits can register, search, approve, and share information on electronic parts, circuit design CAD library, part composition table, as well as other design-related documents.
Design team of large enterprise or small to middle scale companies may utilize this for more accurate parts selection and centrally managed design asset information, speeding up the design process and improving the quality.