PCB and Basal Plate / EMI /SI /PI

Here is a list of CAE / Simulation product from Cybernet by industries.


Multiphysics analysis tool
Versatile analysis tool which can be applied to structure, heat transfer, electromagnetic, piezoelectric, acoustic, thermal fluid, and drop impact. ?Its greatest advantage is a wide range of fully coupled analyses with pre-post solver unified in the environment localized for Japanese.



Drawing tool dedicated for printed board
BluePrint-PCB can automatically draft a variety of documents just by importing PCB CAD data. Supporting MS Office formats, it allows users to enter hyperlinks and detailed explanation to the drawings. The drawings can be viewed from free viewer for easy information sharing. For any specification update to PCB CAD can be reflected to the drawings just by overwriting them. Capability of importing parts information as well as graphical data like corporate logos also facilitates the instant drafting of high-quality documents.



De facto standard garber editor
CAM350 is a garber editing tool for PCB manufacturing available world wide that satisfy the needs of both PCB designers and CAM editors. Supporting Japanese GUI, it becomes popular among Japanese engineers who design PCB. Its user-friendliness enables easy detection of problems for PCB manufacturing, implementation of necessary modification, and accurate and smooth information transfer from design team to manufacturing team.



Information management system for electronic design
Using M-SeeC II, engineers who design electric / electronic circuits can register, search, approve, and share information on electronic parts, circuit design CAD library, part composition table, as well as other design-related documents.
Design team of large enterprise or small to middle scale companies may utilize this for more accurate parts selection and centrally managed design asset information, speeding up the design process and improving the quality.


Versatile optimized design support tool
A tool for automation, integration, and optimization for CAE-based design process. This can integrate a variety of solvers like structure, fluid, mechanism, control, electric circuit, and optical and optimize the composite region so that the restrictions on each region are all satisfied.