Opt Electronics Devices

Here is a list of CAE / Simulation product from Cybernet by industries.

Bee Technologies products

Device modeling
Device modeling means a computerized representation of electric behavior of electronic devices (semiconductor parts, acceptive parts). This is indispensable for highly accurate electric circuit simulation. The device models achieved through cutting-edge electric circuit design, data analysis, measurement, as well as computing technologies can greatly speed-up the product development but reduce the cost.



Tool to create/edit/evaluate electric model for simulation
IBISStation is a system for visualizing, modifying, and making IBIS model, which is indispensable for signal integrity analysis.
With an ability to specify a pair for taking LSI differential which support difference transmission like LVDS (low voltage differential signaling), it assists making and editing of IBIS (I/O Buffer Information Specification) models, which generally grow into several dozens of thousands lines.


Analytical software for lighting design
Full-scale analytical software for lighting design with 3D CAD feature. The software can output results of tracing light beams and provide high-quality modeling through easy-to-use interface, conducting design, analysis, and evaluation all alike. Various fields like light guide panel for LCD, projector, lightings inside / outside of vehicle, and light pipe might find this useful.



Organic EL devices simulator
setfos is a short form of "semiconducting emissive thin film optics simulator". This software comprehensively analyzes both optical and electric models of organic EL devices. Considering current situation where no definition or logic on properties of organic EL devices' materials, the software has higher usability and uses widely accepted logic as its analytical basis. Additional analytical features which help comparative verification for device properties and experimental data make the software the best supportive tool for research concerning organic EL.