Audio-Visual and Multimedia Devices

Here is a list of CAE / Simulation product from Cybernet by industries.


Multiphysics analysis tool
Versatile analysis tool which can be applied to structure, heat transfer, electromagnetic, piezoelectric, acoustic, thermal fluid, and drop impact. ?Its greatest advantage is a wide range of fully coupled analyses with pre-post solver unified in the environment localized for Japanese.



Dynamic Crosstalk Monitor for 3D
One of major technical problems about 3D display is so-called crosstalk, which is temporal mixture of information (images) which should be transferred to right and left eyes separately.
DXM43D measures and evaluates this crosstalk as well as the image's brightness.


Analytical software for lighting design
Full-scale analytical software for lighting design with 3D CAD feature. The software can output results of tracing light beams and provide high-quality modeling through easy-to-use interface, conducting design, analysis, and evaluation all alike. Various fields like light guide panel for LCD, projector, lightings inside / outside of vehicle, and light pipe might find this useful.



Versatile optimized design support tool
A tool for automation, integration, and optimization for CAE-based design process. This can integrate a variety of solvers like structure, fluid, mechanism, control, electric circuit, and optical and optimize the composite region so that the restrictions on each region are all satisfied.



3D direct modeler
SpaceClaim is a 3D direct modeler which improves your concept-design environment or concurrent engineering using its intuitive operation, direct data sharing with various CAD tools, high-level compatibility with the versatile FEM coupling analysis tool Ansys.



Large-scale acoustic analysis program
An acoustic analysis program which uses FMBEM as its solver. The program provides accurate analysis for high-frequency range or large-volume problems, which traditional solutions did not use to solve. In addition, lower memory requirement leads to excellent performance.