Electric Equipment / Car Electronics / ECU

Here is a list of CAE / Simulation product from Cybernet by industries.


Multiphysics analysis tool
Versatile analysis tool which can be applied to structure, heat transfer, electromagnetic, piezoelectric, acoustic, thermal fluid, and drop impact. ?Its greatest advantage is a wide range of fully coupled analyses with pre-post solver unified in the environment localized for Japanese.



EMI suppression design support tool
DEMITASNX (developer: NEC Information Systems) condenses its know-how of designing EMI for PCB into 13 checking items. There are integrated into the software for engineers to check EMI rules and take appropriate counter measures just by loading design data of application such as Allegro. Additionally, with a function to analyze power-supply plane resonance, it can optimize location and value of decoupling capacitor.



Versatile optimized design support tool
A tool for automation, integration, and optimization for CAE-based design process. This can integrate a variety of solvers like structure, fluid, mechanism, control, electric circuit, and optical and optimize the composite region so that the restrictions on each region are all satisfied.