Eco-friendly CAE

Followings are examples how “Eco-friendly CAE”

1. Well-balanced design by CAE for better mileage!


It is required “well-balanceEof rigidness, less use of steels, cruising stability for vehicle development.

How CAE can help?

CAE can solve following issues with balance:

  • Increase rigidness requires large amount of steel.
  • Rigidness on roof might make the center of gravity higher and lose stability.
  • Lighten the vehicle lose cruising stability.
Environmentally friendly point

Secure rigidness, cruising stability and using minimum amount of steel reduces vehicle weight.
As a result, reducing energy emission necessary to make steel. Also the vehicle will have better mileage by lightweight.

2. Reduce wastes by drop simulation?


Both lightweight and rigidness are required for mobile phone development

How CAE can help?

Simulate drop test within PC.

  • Can test as may times necessary by changing shape and weight
  • Seek best matching
Environmentally friendly point

Reduce the number of actual prototype for drop test then reduce wastes significantly.

3. Keep brightness by minimum LEDs!


Light of LED does not diffuse, it is not possible to make good lighting instruments by just laying out.

How CAE can help?

Simulate LED light illumination to make diffusing light like conventional light bulb.

  • Layout LED at appropriate place
  • Use lens, reflector, diffuser
Environmentally friendly point

Obtain same brightness of conventional light bulb with minimum numbers of LED so that reduce the number of LED and energy consumption.

4. Reduce wastes by electromagnetic simulation?


Complex PCB tend to generate electromagnetic noise and might cause malfunction of circuit.

How CAE can help?

Enable to see noise generation at designing stage of circuit, then it is possible to design circuit that has low noise emission.

Environmentally friendly point

Make actual prototype after designing the circuit with low noise emission, which can reduce the number of prototype for noise emission.

5. Better mileage by ECU!


In order to take the balance of cruising performance, comfortableness and good mileage, it is necessary to consider combination of following elements.

  • Engine and motor
  • Load of engine and automatic air conditioning

Also, to secure safety, several systems such as ABS, Airbag, have to be operated appropriately.

How CAE can help?

These systems are appropriately controlled by vehicle computer called ECU Electronic Cotrol Unit. CAE technology is utilized for designing and developing of ECU.

Environmentally friendly point

By performing Engine/Motor balance, turn on/off of compressor of air conditioner that will suit to cruising scene, realizing good mileage.

6. Optimized tolerance reduces waste?


Variability exists for every manufacturing.

If allowable range for such variability (=tolerance) will be looser, quality of products will be lower and produce larger numbers of products that will not pass quality test.

On the other hand, if the allowable range will be tighter, quality will increase but difficulty of assembling and processing will also be increasing, which will lower the productivity.

When manufacturing office-use printers and all-in-one printers which are consisted from many precision parts, it is strictly required to have both quality and productivity.

CAE will helpE/h3>

calculating appropriate tolerance by simulating the assembled products with various parts with variability.

This will enable to hold down producing disqualified product and at the same time efficiently produce high quality products.

Environmentally friendly point

Reduce wastes significantly by lower the rate to produce disqualified products in mass production.