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Cybernet offers a wide variety of products and solutions.

Multi-Domain Solutions

The analysis and simulation needs on the front lines of manufacturing, which require shorter development times and improved safety, have also begun to change.
Specifically, these needs encompass the simultaneous or ongoing analysis and simulation of various phenomena spanning everything from individual domains such as conventional mechanical, electrical and flow domains to multiple domains that include cybernetics like communication and control.
CYBERNET SYSTEMS proposes and undertakes system development for Multi-domain Solutions (composite or integrated solutions which span various domains) to address these needs.

CAE Solutions

With wide range of solution, Cybernet offers total support to various application field of CAE

Solution of covering wide range of field

Cybernet's CAE various solutions include such as Mechanical CAE which treats stress, heat, vibration, and noise problems of structure or machine product, Control System CAE which helps to develop electronic and communication control devices, Optical CAE which designs and analyzes optical lens and lighting equipment like LED, Electronical CAE which supports to design Printed Circuit Board, Medical-engineering collaborative field, and Medical image processing. Our CAE solution has wide range of application for medical, sports science, food, and finance, as well as automotive, aircraft, and electrical product. As long as "product design" or "creation" being there, our solution technology is used in various ways.

Respond to expanding needs

Steady expanding of product design process using CAE, Cybernet keeps trying to develop new solution to support customer (i.e. corporations, universities, and research institutions) innovation. Cybernet accommodates the need which is intended to simultaneously simulate multi-domain of control/electric circuit/drive systems for complex machine system such as hybrid car, and micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS). Taking other steps, we challenge new field, that is Innovation support, which is to support the process of problem solution and creation of technology.

CAE Solution

Product design Innovation

Evolving the application of CAD/CAE/PLM solution, Cybernet offers cutting-edge product design process which leads to innovation realization.

Advanced product-design process of realizing sustainable innovation

Computer-aided simulation and prototyping which are realized by CAE have brought to a revolution in develop/design business extend to all phases from research & development and design to product management after production. Cybernet evolves the better use of CAD/CAE/PLM solution, which is now essential, and offers cutting-edge product design process which leads to innovation realization.
Cybernet offers design optimization support based on quality engineering, Tolerance Analysis solution which supports Design for Six Sigma, and effective method which generates innovative ideas for product and technology continually.

Product design Innovation

Visualization Solution

Cybernet offers the visualization technologies of connecting "data to people" or "people to people", which helps the communication with researchers and developers.

Meet a visualization needs in industrial, educational and medical fields

Advancements in computer and devices increase the size of work data in various field of industry. Cybernet offers software to capture this large data and visualize it in 3D images. It is particularly-essential to understand and share various phenomena in medical and healthcare field, therefore we have developed infrastructure software with high-speed and high-definition processing power for medical images from MRI / CT / PET with its proprietary visualization technologies gained over the years. Cybernet also offers packaged solutions which work with above software for specific units such as dental, brain surgery, internal medicine, and respiratory disease.

Visualization Solution

IT Solution

Cybernet can offer solutions which bring in security improvement and business efficiency in our IT environment diversified and speeded-up.

IT solutions suitable for your needs

Cybernet offers software service with five mainstays; Endpoint security, Compliance, IT infrastructure, Smart phone support, and Business efficiency, to aim to improve security level and support business efficiency for IT environment. Our excellent software service to level up security such as data archive/protection and strengthening ID authentication covers the corporate IT environment diversified rapidly, that extend to mobile devices of smart phones and tablet terminals as well as internal Client PC server.

IT Solution

Engineering service

Using technical strength that Cybernet had accumulated, we solve technical problems with CAS and cultivate human resources.

Offer a diversity of services such as support, technical training, and consulting.

As well supporting to take all appropriate measures for more than 200 technical inquiries receive everyday, Cybernet provides the educational seminars to learn software installation support or operation procedure. Also, we conduct a consultation for engineering issue of difficult and particular case. From basic theory to practical applied seminar, CAE University has many courses contribute to develop human resources.

Engineering service


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