10 August, 2011
DENSO approves ANSYS as the internal standard software for mechanical analysis

Group Company

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Maplesoft launches Maple Player for iPad
17 October, 2011
Maplesoft and VI-grade partnership makes real-time modeling applications more cost and time-effective
5 October, 2011
Cybernet new site in Kaohsiung is officially open today aiming to deliver unlimited services to every corner in Taiwan
22 September, 2011
Optimus integrates direct interface with CETOL 6σ
15 September, 2011
MapleSim Drives Higher Fuel Efficiency in Cars
29 August, 2011
Noesis Solutions announces SpaceClaim integration with Optimus
4 August, 2011
Maplesoft Expands Rapid Control Prototyping Capabilities through Connection to dSPACE DS1104 R&D Controller Board
15 June, 2011
Latest MapleSim release opens new avenues for model development