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The core business domain of the CYBERNET Group consists of supplying CAE solutions to the manufacturing industry, a market that is exposed to preemptive introduction of products by manufacturers, blistering competition among competing companies through cost reductions and the like, and changes in the global economic landscape. The aforesaid risks, uncertainties, and other factors described above that may deliver a serious impact to the CYBERNET Group include advances in technology, market demand, pricing, interest rates, foreign exchange fluctuations, as well as changes in the economic landscape, competitive conditions, and legislation. The associated risks and factors are not limited to these specific items, however. CYBERNET SYSTEMS has taken meticulous precautions with the published content; however, the Company assumes no liability for errors in published data, data corruption instigated by third parties, impairments in data transmission, or the like. Among publications on this website, the contents of dated documentation, such as Kessan Tanshin reports, investors guides, and IR presentations, relate to information available as of the subject date (or otherwise the date explicitly stated in the subject document), and not as of this current point in time. The Company does not promise to make changes or updates upon the occurrence of any subsequent changes to the content of such information.

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