Implementation of IR Action Policy

Implement Open IR

The Company shall implement the following to establish a relationship of mutual trust with shareholders and other investors:

  • Continue timely, accurate and fair disclosure of information conforming to regulations
  • Provide accurate information in easy-to-understand language
  • Emphasize bidirectional communication

6 Keys to open IR

Disclose corporate information quickly

Disclose corporate information widely and fairly

Continue to disclose the information once begun

Constantly emphasize accuracy of disclosed information

Use easy-to-understand language

Emphasize mutual communication

Proactive IR

The Company shall implement the following to enhance IR effectiveness.

  • Incorporating IR as part of the cycle for enhancing corporate value, the Company shall strive to improve corporate value via more proactive information disclosure, thereby enabling a higher-level discussion with shareholders and other investors and receiving feedback and opinions from them.
  • Aiming for a fair market evaluation, we shall help people better understand the comprehensive capabilities and strategies of the Company as a CAE solution provider promoting monozukuri (manufacturing) by providing our shareholders and other investors segment information, performance indexes that accurately indicate the Company's growth and competitive edge and non-financial information such as qualitative information including our management policy, vision and strategies, superiority, risk factors and measures to address them.

Company-Wide Integrated IR

We shall implement the following to expand company-wide integrated IR activities.

  • Management transparency shall be promoted to fulfill corporate responsibility under the directors' leadership, and each employee's awareness of responsibility for improving corporate value shall be enhanced.
  • Fully understanding and recognizing the definition of information to be disclosed and information disclosure methods, each director and employee shall have an awareness for participation in communication with shareholders and other investors, taking charge of and fulfilling each role.
  • Sharing disclosed IR information and feedback from shareholders and other investors throughout the company, each employee shall objectively review and evaluate his/her activities.

Each Employee's Role

Each of the Company's employees has to

  • fully recognize the importance of IR.
  • engage in activities with an awareness of being an important constituent member of the Company.
  • fulfill each task with an awareness of being responsible for improving corporate value.
  • disclose IR information he/she gets in the implementation of tasks quickly and conforming to regulations.
  • cooperate in the Company's IR activities as much as possible.