Our Strengths and Advantages

We introduce the strengths of CYBERNET SYSTEMS in this section.

Sophisticated know-how backed up by experience
Over 30 years of business experience as CAE specialized company

Cybernet has been supporting R&D, design, and production for manufacturing with its CAE technology and corporate message as "Energy for your innovation" for over 30 years. Our history overlap with the history of Japanese manufacturer's progress. We will further deepen our specialty that no one else can imitate, as well as widening the scope of digital solutions centered by CAE, provide such total solution with IT foundation support, innovation support.

Extensive specialty and global partner network
More than 20 worlds’ top class software more than 50 kinds

With the confidence of world-top class software development vendors, Cybernet is providing over 20 companies 50 kinds of software from the world to our customers. We are able to provide the best solution by combining various software and our know-how to solve various engineering problems of our customers.

Business not susceptible to external factors such as economic cycles
Target as R&D department which is inevitable to growth of manufacturers

The advanced R&D is the source from corporate competitive strength in any domain such as automotive, precision machines, food and beverage, or pharmaceuticals, such companies would never hesitate to invest for this field. The main target companies are those R&D which are hard to be effected by the economy.

Various user layers which is less effected by specific customers performance
98 % of manufacturing company as customers, and are in various types of industries thus less dependent to specific customers

When the company is highly dependent for one other company, there is the risk that the revenue of the company is influenced of the performance of the dependent company. Cybernet has introduction results for 2,500 companies, 500 of educational institutes and national research institutes, the user base is widely spread and not dependent to specific companies or domains.