Frequently Asked Questions

This section publishes frequently asked questions received from the public.

Questions about the Company

  • Q: What is your corporate philosophy?
  • A: Please see our page on Corporate Philosphy for a statement on this topic.
  • Q: Please explain what CAE means?
  • A: Please see our page on CAE Solution for a statement on this topic.
  • Q: I want information about the company.
  • A: Please refer to IR Inquiries if you inquire about any IR matters.

Questions about Operating Results and Finances

  • Q: I am interested in your financial results.
  • A: Recent financial performance details are available from the Financial Information page, as provided on the Kessan Tanshin report.
  • Q: What is the company's approach to dividing profits?
  • A: The Company considers that the policies on shareholder dividends are some of the most important issues, and basically strives to pay steady and continuous dividends, strengthen and expand its earnings base corresponding to the rapid changes and development of industries, and accumulate internal reserves for active business development in the future.
    Although the Company basically aims to pay steady dividends at each term-end, they will be paid in conjunction with performance results so that the Company can achieve a dividend payout ratio of 30%.
    Internal reserves will be applied proactively toward survey and research into cutting-edge fields, the uncovering of new software, personnel development and seminar facilities and other capital investments designed to strengthen and expand our earnings base.
  • Q: When does the company announce financial results?
  • A: Please refer to the Financial Information page regarding the dates for financial results announcements.

Questions about Shares

  • Q: When did the company first list on a public stock exchange?
  • A: The company first listed on the JASDAQ (OTC) exchange on Oct. 31, 2001, followed by a listing on the Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange on Aug. 26, 2003. We moved to a listing on the First Section of TSE on Sep. 1, 2004.
  • Q: What is your stock exchange code number?
  • A: The code number is 4312. The listing name is "CYBERNET."
  • Q: What is the number of shares in one trading unit?
  • A: One share.