Information Security Basic Policy

Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd. (Cybernet) is providing solution service business upon CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) and IT field as its fundamental business domain.
Cybernet defines information itself that of customers, business partners, and other highly confidential information which Cybernet has, as “information asset", and recognizes them as Cybernet’s most important assets as well as properly maintaining the security of such information asset is our societal responsibility, then Cybernet addresses this as one of our important and continuous business issue.
In order to conduce to above, Cybernet has established “Information Security Basic Policy" as below, to practice information security management.

1.Goal for Information Security

Cybernet practices management of information asset and information security properly, and forestall information security incident to challenge “zero occurrence" of information security incident.

2.Applicable Scope

Scope for this policy is applicable for all information assets that Cybernet holds. In case of sharing such information assets with any third parties, Cybernet will supervise them properly.

3.Maintaining Information Security Policy

Cybernet formulates Information Security Policy in order to practice this basic policy, and require all directors, employees, and affiliates of Cybernet to comply the Policy.

4.Maintaining Information Security System

As a company-wide organization to promote information security, Cybernet institutes Information Security Committee that has management as the Chair, and committee members in each department, to practice proper management of information assets.

5.Protection of information assets

In order to protect information assets that Cybernet holds, Cybernet manages and deals information assets and take appropriate and efficient measures of information security in accordance with laws and regulations, as well as this basic policy and Information Security Policy herein.

6.Protection of personal information

In regards to personal information that Cybernet holds, Cybernet manages them in accordance with this basic policy and Information Security Policy as well as practices proper management by establishing personal information manager.

7.Perform information security audit

In order to monitor continuously that Information Security Policy is duly complied and information assets are properly managed, Cybernet regularly performs information security audit.

8.Response for infringement of information security

If in case information security incident or infringement occurs, Cybernet strive for minimizing the damage from them, pursuing quick restoration, and taking preventive measures.

9.Compliance of laws and acts

All directors, employees of Cybernet and its affiliates complies laws, acts, and other required regulations or agreements.

10.Continuous improvement

Cybernet keep continuing to review the system for information security management and strive for improvement in accordance with this policy.

Reiko Yasue
Representative Director & CEO

Established on January 17, 2005
Revised on May 27, 2008