Personnel Policy

CYBERNET SYSTEMS, CO.,LTD. (the Company) is engaged in solutions businesses built on the computer aided engineering (CAE) and IT fields. Based on “Our Mission” and “Our Core Values”, the Company has established a Human Resources Policy that explains its thinking toward human resources in easy-to-understand language and that can be shared by all employees.
We aim to become an even more attractive company by creating a structure to enhance employee motivation, including fair and unbiased evaluations, dissemination of a meritocracy, implementation of appropriate personnel development programs, and thus build an work environment in which employees can give full expression to their skills and capabilities.

“We aim to become a group of professionals who understand the true meaning of working as a team and who seek to realize their full potential through their work.”

We value employees who view work as a means of realizing their full potential and are proud of the work they do.

Viewing its employees as its most important asset and as key stakeholders in its business, the Company considers the growth of its employees to be a vital theme for its ongoing success.
Employees must take pride in their work and continue to seek to realize their full potential if they wish to achieve self-directed growth and a succession of achievements. CYBERNET SYSTEMS values and fosters employees with this kind of mature view.

By continuing to present opportunities for employees to realize their full potential, we are creating a long-term relationship between employees and the Company based on mutual respect and commitment.

At CYBERNET SYSTEMS, we feel it is important for employees to have a long career at the Company. To this end, it is vital for all employees to feel that their relationship with the Company is the best way for them to realize their full potential. For employees with the ambition to continue to grow toward realizing their full potential, CYBERNET SYSTEMS will provide opportunities for growth and compensation and build a long-term relationship between employees and the Company based on mutual respect and commitment.

We value employees with the viewpoint that contributing to the growth of our organization will lead to their realizing their potential at an even higher level.

For the Company to continue to be an organization that provides growth opportunities to its employees, it must enhance its influence as an organization with respect to external parties. And within the organization, we must create growth opportunities and share know-how regarding such opportunities.
It can be said that the contribution of individuals to the organization is reciprocated to such individuals by the creation of further growth opportunities. We therefore value employees who proactively contribute to the growth of the organization.