Risk Management Basic Policy

Along with the change of business environment, risks that surround companies are diversified and increased. Depending on how the companies take measurement against such risks, it might make the achievement of business plan severely difficult, and what is worse is that risking the endurance of the company itself.

Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd. (Cybernet) believes that it is important to recognize risks surrounding the Cybernet Group appropriately, lower the possibility of occurrence risk occurrences, maintain countermeasure for the risks prior to the occurrence, and practice the measure in case it happens. Therefore, Cybernet is maintaining Risk Management System and is practicing it continuously in accordance with following basic purposes and principles.

Basic Purpose of Risk Management

  • Enduring business continuation
  • Securing credibility and profit for stakeholders
  • Safety ensuring for employees and their family
  • Preserving company’s assets
  • Increasing corporate value

Risk Management Principles

  • Improvement of risk-response capability throughout continuous risk management activities
  • Build risk-sensitivity and commoditize risk information
  • Perform activities to secure safety, health and profit of stakeholders from any risks
  • Minimize the damage when any incident that might cause management difficulties, and act responsible for early recovery
  • Reflect social requirements in regards to risk, to risk management

Reiko Yasue
Representative Director & CEO

Established on November 01, 2008
Revised on March 28, 2015