Basic Policy for Financial Reporting

CYBERNET SYSTEMS Co., Ltd. and its group companies (hereinafter “Cybernet Group") emphasize credible financial reporting and establish “Basic Policy for Financial Reporting" as below, in order to practice transparent and sound corporate management.

Attaining a credible financial reporting

Cybernet Group attains credible financial reporting by the fact that the statements have been prepared in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, and confirming that such statements appropriately present in all material respects to the financial position, operating results and cash flows.

Framework to practice credible financial reporting

By effectively formulating internal control system that relates to the financial reporting, Cybernet Group establishes the framework to provide credible financial reporting. Also, secure and position human resources with extensive knowledge and sound ethics for the preparation of such reliable financial reporting.

Reasonable accounts processing and information disclosure policy

Cybernet Group performs reasonable accounting processing by complying Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, applicable laws and regulations, and by establishing and maintaining accouting regulations and related policies. Cybernet Group also secure transparency and fairness of information disclosure by performing a disclosure over financial reporting precisely and in timely manner.

Maintenance, operation and assessment for internal control relates to financial reporting

Cybernet Group regularly assesses for maintenance and operation of internal control over financial reporting, based on the purpose of “Financial Instruments and Exchange Act" and ”Practice Standards for Management Assessment and Audit concerning Internal Control Over Financial Reporting" (Released on February 15, 2007, Business Accounting Council), and performs operational improvements continuously as well as submits proper Internal Control Report.

Reiko Yasue
Representative Director & CEO

Established on December 25, 2009