Environmental and Quality Policies

CYBERNET SYSTEMS CO., LTD. ("CYBERNET") is the solution service provider with its business foundation as CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) and IT domain.
As a company that performs those business activities, CYBERNET continues to make every effort to increase its quality to provide the solution with higher customer-satisfaction level, based on high-value-added and high-quality service. CYBERNET also contributes to its customers' manufacturing advancement, streamlining of operation, and reducing manufacturing cost. In order for CYBERNET to fulfill these efforts and contributions as well as promoting earth-conscious business operation, CYBERNET hereby establish the following policies as standards for its operations

1.Strict compliance with environmental laws and regulations

CYBERNET complies with all environmental laws and regulations and other requirements to which the Company has agreed to follow.

2.Continuous improvement of environmental and Quality management activities

CYBERNET sets goals and targets for continuous improvement to our environmental and quality management activities and review them on a regular basis.

3.Promotion of environment and quality conscious business activities

  • Initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of CYBERNET's customers
    CYBERNET proactively work to reduce the environmental impact of CYBERENT’s customers by promoting environment conscious business transactions.
  • Activities for customer satisfaction
    CYBENET makes every effort of activities to maintain and improve quality, and providing high-quality products, services, solutions which are truly reliable for customers.
  • Reducing the environmental impact of CYBERNET business activities
    CYBERNET endeavors to reduce the environmental impact of its business activities and prevent pollution through proactively initiate to save and recycle natural resources, and energy.
  • Promotion of "green procurement"
    CYBERNET strives to reduce the environmental impact of its business activities by proactively promoting "green procurement".

4.Enhancement of environmental and quality consciousness

CYBERNET ensures each director and employee to be aware of its Environmental and Quality Policies to raise their consciousness regarding the environment and quality.

Established on 1 May 2010