Basic Policy against Anti-Social Forces

Cybernet Systems recognizes that it is material and common social issue to prevent damages by any groups or individuals that pursue their economical profit using violence, power and fraudulent method (hereinafter ďAnti-Social Force), furthermore, to reject Anti-Social Force that is threatening social order and safety and constricting healthy growth of economy and society.Therefore, we hereby establish basic policy against Anti-Social Forces.

1. Responce as organization

We maintain internal system against Anti-Social Forces and respond them as entire organization and secure safety of executives and employees who respond it.

2. Cooperation with external specialized agencies

We enhance cooperation and establish close relationship with law enforcement agencies,The National Center of Elimination of Boryokudan, company attorney in daily basis in order to prevent damage by Anti-Social Forces.

3. Block any relationship includes transactions

We are decisively against Anti-Social Forces and block any relationship includes business transactions.

4. Criminal and civil legislative response in case of emergency situation

We are not responding to any unreasonable requirements from Anti-Social Forces and take both criminal and civil legislative and decisive response.

5. Prohibition of backstage deal or funding

We do not provide any exceptional favors or funding to Anti-Social Forces for any reasons.

Reiko Yasue
Representative Director & CEO

Established on October 01, 2011