Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

We will contribute to the advancement of our customers and society by providing solutions that generate high satisfaction through enhanced value-added and high-quality services.

Our Core Values

Our Purpose

Since its foundation, CYBERNET SYSTEMS has developed its solutions business using computer technology and through these endeavors has contributed to society. This is our purpose for existing as a company and the source of our corporate value. At the same time, it is what gives us pride. Going forward, we will respect this corporate value and focus on creating an even richer society through innovation in digital solution services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become an optimal presence for our customers, employees, shareholders, and business partners while being the company they trust most.

Our Value Standards

We will honor the following nine Value Standards to fulfill Our Purpose and Our Mission.

  1. Integrity

    We will act as good corporate citizens with high ethical standards.

  2. Respect People

    We will value the diversity of every employee and treat each other with respect.

  3. Customer Focus

    We will continually work to improve customer satisfaction in order to meet the needs of our customers.

  4. Teamwork

    To respond to the diversifying and increasingly sophisticated needs of our customers, we will give full expression to the individuality of each employee, trust one another, share information, and make effective use of the strength of our organization.

  5. Performance

    We will strive for continued improvement in our business performance by acting with integrity, respecting people, and exhibiting creativity and innovativeness.

  6. Innovation

    We will continually strive to acquire the latest technology in order to provide advanced solutions. At the same time, we will endeavor to create new markets.

  7. Human Capital Development

    We recognize that human capital is our greatest asset and we will provide the optimal environment for its development.

  8. Global

    Through our global network, we will provide valued solutions and develop in tandem with our partners around the world.

  9. Professional

    As professionals, we will hone our expertise in all areas of technology, sales, and operations and take pride in our activities.

Cybernet Group Compliance Police Guideline

This compliance policy guidelines outlines the main problem areas requiring attention when carrying out Cybernet Group duties.
Please refer this page for more details.

Cybernet Group Compliance Police Guideline