Corporate Data

Company Name Cybernet Systems Co.,Ltd.
(First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange Security Code: 4312)
  • Head Office
    FUJISOFT Bldg. 3 Kanda-neribeicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0022
    Tel: +81-3-5297-3010

  • Nishi-Nihon Branch Office
    Midosuji Honmachi Bldg. 5-7, Honmachi 3-chome Chuo-ku, Osaka, 541-0053
    Tel: +81-6-6267-2670

  • Chubu Branch Office
    FUJISOFT Bldg. 6-26, Nishiki 1-chome Naka-ku, Nagoya, 460-0003
    Tel: +81-52-219-5900

Established April 17, 1985
Paid-in Capital ¥ 995 million
Representative Representative Director : Reiko Yasue
Board of directors
Corporate Auditors Senior
Member of the Board: Tomoya Kotani
Member of the Board: Satoru Kimoto
Member of the Board: Masato Yanagisawa
Member of the Board: Masahiro Matusmono  
Member of the Board: Jeng Minghong *1
External Member of the Board: Hajimu Kishi *2
External Member of the Board: Makoto Ohnishi *2
Full-time Auditor & Supervisory Board Member: Tatsuya Naito
External Auditor & Supervisory Board Member: Takane Hori
External Auditor & Supervisory Board Member: Fumio Hama *2
*1: Mr. Jeng Minghong is presented in his name in the family register, which was previously presented as Arnie Cheng.
*2: External Member of the Board Hajimu Kishi, External Member of the Board Makoto Ohnishi and External Audit & Supervisory Board Member Fumio Hama are assigned as independent executives who is obliged to assign under the rule of Tokyo Stock Exchange, and is not likely to conflict of interest with general stockholder. He is registered as independent executives at Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Executive Officer President and Executive Officer : Reiko Yasue
Senior Managing Executive Officer : Tomoya Kotani
Executive Officer : Satoru Kimoto
Executive Officer : Masato Yanagisawa
Executive Officer : Masahiro Matusmono
Executive Officer : Hirokazu Tuneki
Executive Officer : Shinichi Ishizuka
Executive Officer : Hideyuki Tanaka
Number of employees 598(Consolidated), 370(Non-Consolidated)(As of December 31, 2019)
Business Development and sale of scientific computing software for the following categories:
  • CAE solutions
    (Mechanical, control, system, optical systems, optical measurement systems)
  • IT Solutions
    (Cloud security, end point security, IT asset management, IT infrastructure, CAE cloud)
  • AR/VR visualization solutions
    (Visualization, image analysis, AR/VR, medical AI diagnoses support)
  • Big data solutions (IoT data visualization, analysis)
IoT / Digital Twin / AI construction support service

Various engineering services.
(IT Contracting, system development, consulting, technical support, introductory support seminars, comprehensive CAE education)