We introduce CYBERNET SYSTEMS’ history.

January 1967 Control Data Far East (CDFE) opens as the Tokyo branch office of Control Data Corporation (CDC), a U.S.-based company known as a pioneer in supercomputer development.
May 1971 CDC establishes its Japanese subsidiary, CDC Japan.
July 1980 CDC Japan begins offering scientific computing services, CYBERNET Services.
April 1985 CDC Japan establishes CYBERNET SYSTEMS CO.,LTD. to drive its CYBERNET Services businesses. The new company is capitalized at ¥1 million and located at the Sunshine 60 Building in Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo.
October 1985 Opens a branch office in Minami-Senba, Chuo-ku, Osaka (now the Nishi-Nihon branch office).
November 1985 Increases capital to ¥196 million.
April 1989 Kobe Steel Ltd. acquires the stock of CYBERNET SYSTEMS from CDC Japan and increases the acquired company’s capital to ¥400 million.
March 1994 Relocates headquarters to Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.
June 1998 Moves the Osaka branch office to a new location in Osaka, to accommodate business expansion.
October 1999 FUJISOFT, Inc. acquires the stocks of CYBERNET SYSTEMS from Kobe Steel. and CYBERNET SYSTEMS becomes its wholly owned subsidiary.
July 2000 Opens an annex to its headquarters in Tokyo.
October 2001 Lists on the JASDAQ exchange and increases capital to ¥995 million.
August 2002 Opens the Chubu Branch Office in Nagoya to cover central Japan.
August 2003 Lists on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
September 2004 Lists on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
December 2004 Established subsidiary CCA ENGINEERING SIMULATION SOFTWARE (Shanghai) CO.,LTD. in Shanghai, China.
April 2005 KGT Inc. made a subsidiary through acquisition of all shares.
August 2005 PLAMEDIA Corporation made a subsidiary through acquisition of 95% of shares.
May 2006 Established subsidiary CYBERNET CAE SYSTEMS (Shanghai)CO.,LTD. in Shanghai, China.
August 2006 Establishes subsidiary Cybernet CAE Systems(Shanghai)CO.,Ltd. in Shanghai, China.
March 2007 PLAMEDIA Corporation made a subsidiary through acquisition of of all shares.
May 2007 Relocates headquarters to Kanda Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
November 2007 Certified for ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System)
February 2008 Certified for ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System)
July 2008 Established subsidiary CYBERNET SYSTEMS TAIWAN CO., LTD.
July 2009 Made Sigmetrix L.L.C. a wholly-owned subsidiary.
August 2009 Merged with PLAMEDIA CORPORATION.
Worked in  partnership with CATS CO.,LTD.
September 2009 Made Maplesoft a wholly-owned subsidiary.
May 2010 Marged with KGT Inc.
July 2010 Made Noesis Solutions NV a wholly-owned subsidiary.
June 2011 Opens a sales office in Hakata-ku,Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka.
July 2012 Established subsidiary CYBERNET SYSTEMS KOREA CO., LTD.
August 2016 2016 Moves the Nishi-Nihon branch office to a new location in Osaka.
September 2017 Established subsidiary CYFEM Inc. in Seoul, Korea.
November 2018 Established subsidiary CYBERNET SYSTEMS MALAYSIA SDN. BHD. in Selangor, MALAYSIA.(February 2019 Moved to Kuala Lumpur)
January 2020 Establishes CYBERNET MBSE CO., LTD. in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
April 2022 Lists on the Standard Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.