Terms and Conditions of Use

CYBERNET SYSTEMS CO.,LTD. (the “Company”) imposes the following conditions regarding the usage of services provided through the website (the “Website”) operated by the Company. Usage of the Website is subject to compliance with the conditions described here. These conditions for usage are subject to change without notice. The Company suggests confirmation of the latest details.

  1. Copyrights and Other Rights

    The rights associated with all content publifshed on the Website are the property of the Company, or otherwise the content is used through permission obtained by the Company. Viewing the site at liberty is welcomed; however, unauthorized usage and duplication of any and all content of the Website without permission from the Company is prohibited.

  2. Trademarks

    The trademarks published on the Website either belong to the Company, or else are used under license or proper authority. Their unauthorized use is prohibited.

  3. Limitation of Liability
    • The Company exercises meticulous care in the information on the Website with respect to updates and operations, but in no way guarantees that the information contains no errors, is useful, or is suited for the purposes of customers.
    • The Company assumes no liability for incidents, losses, or damages arising out of the information published in the Website or the use of the Website.
    • Prices and details of all products and services are subject to change without notice. Information published on the Website may be modified without notice. Please be aware in advance that the operations of the Website may be interrupted or cancelled.
    • Regardless of the reason, the Company assumes no liability for incidents, losses, or damages arising out of modification of information on the Website, or interruption or cancellation of Website operations.
  4. Links

    Requests to link to the Website should be made directly to the respective point of inquiry that handles the published page. The following forms of linking are strictly denied.

    • Link from sites with defamatory, libelous, or credibility-damaging content concerning the Company or its products and services.
    • Links from sites with content contrary to upholding public order and morals.
    • Links from sites that publish illegal content, or are involved with or potentially involved with the illegal activities.
Revised: Feb. 24, 2005